Last night was my final night of shooting a small guest role on Channel 7’s Winners and Losers.

I got to play ambo Jim French, and filmed across a range of locations over a few days and nights – including a burning barn on an absolutely freezing night(!), the back of an ambulance, and in-studio – for a taxing single-shot rapid walk-and-talk full of medical jargon and paramedic activity around a speeding gurney down the halls of the ER!

It was tough, but a lot of fun. The coolest part was when I had to run in and give CPR to the gorgeous Anna Samson. It’s the second time I’ve had to do this in my career; the first was on the stage of Melbourne Theatre Company a few years ago performing in The Heretic. The first time I managed to save her character’s life; you’ll have to tune in to the final episode of 2014 to find out if I did it again!

I didn’t just have a great time, but also made some fantastic friends over a very short time. I’ll be slipping back into Jim’s shoes in a few months’ time for a different storyline; hopefully whenever they need a paramedic I’ll be able to return and play with this truly fabulous bunch of people.

Finished my final scene with the lovely Nathin Butler - who I'd already met back in 2010 in LA!

Finished my final with the lovely Nathin Butler – who I’d already met back in 2010 in LA!



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