Toning Up and… Boning Up?
Toning Up and… Boning Up?

This week sees the opening of both a new theatre venue in Melbourne and a sensational, brand new Australian musical.


Sexercise: The Musical is a hilarious and touching romp of a show that explores one couple’s journey to re-igniting their relationship. I get to play the lead role of Joe, opposite the gorgeous Nicole Melloy as my wife Sam.

The rest of the ridiculously talented cast includes fellow serial music theatre stars Cameron MacDonald and Andrew Kroenert, big names on the jazz and band scenes Fem Belling, Kristin Holland and Ana Mitzikas, and I’m so excited to share the stage again with my frequent partner-in-crime, Lulu McClatchy – even though we don’t have a single scene together…!


The premiere season follows on from a workshop I participated in last year in which a group of us spent a week helping the writer and producers sculpt and test the material. It was a lot of fun, and I’m so glad it so quickly made it to the production stage.

The show’s producer, Aleks Vass, has taken over the old George Revival Cinemas on Fitzroy Street St Kilda, and converted them into the wonderful Alex Theatre – a fantastic addition to the Melbourne theatre scene, and a much needed venue for medium commercial and large independent productions.


Check the Sexercise website for more details on the season, tickets and incredible creative team.


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